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About Us

At Attention to Detailing, we offer specialized detailing services that transcend the ordinary in Peoria Illinois. Our dedication to the craft goes beyond mere cleaning; we specialize in car polishing, paint correction, and premium coatings.


Attention to Detailing of Peoria IL was born from a shared love for the art and allure of automobiles. Our passion drives us to deliver excellence in every aspect. Our detailing and paint reconditioning packages are crafted with inclusivity and flexibility, tailored to your desires with unmatched precision and care.


Detailing and paint reconditioning, to us, is an art known and mastered by a select few. Fueled by our passion, we use only the finest tools and products to achieve the most exquisite finishes and reflections.


The metamorphosis your vehicle undergoes at Attention to Detailing is nothing short of miraculous. Every service package, from full restoration to daily upkeep, is executed with the same fervor as if it were our own. Our commitment to exceptional results shines through in every task.


Whether you seek restoration for your classic, lavish care for your prized possession, or protection for your daily driver, we at Attention to Detailing are dedicated to surpassing your expectations with ardor, precision, and finesse.


Thank you for visiting. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to exceed your expectations.