2009 Lexus IS250 - Minor Paint Correction and 22ple application
by Zach McGovern on November 14th, 2012

I took Friday off of work and was able to complete my weekend detailing project then, so I decided to make my car the weekend project.

I bought this car back in June - it was a 1 owner lease vehicle and was in overall good shape. I did a full paint correction shortly after I bought it, and it still looked great. I was overdue for a new layer of protection and was very intrigued by this new 22ple VX1 Pro (glass) coating. I figured it would be a great test to apply it now and see how it holds up through the upcoming Midwest winter. It claims about 2 years of protection, so I'm very hopeful that it will still be perfect after the winter months. 

22ple VX1 Pro Glass coating boasts "an extremely strong protective coating that will leave an incredible layer of gloss simultaneously". Well, they were right about the gloss - no we'll just have to see about the protection. With my relatively soft Lexus paint, I'm hoping this lives up to it's claim of being very scratch resistant as well.

The application of this product was a breeze - far easier than I had anticipated. Simply pour a small amount onto a foam applicator, then apply to a section of the car using straight line motions, wait 3-5 minutes, and it buffs off easier than any product I've ever used. It took me about an hour to coat my entire car. If this product lives up to it's durability claims, then this is truly a game changer in the detailing world. With such ease of use, I can't imagine ever going through the struggles of maintaining my paint any other way.

Wash: ONR
Dry: DI Waffle Weave Microfiber
Clay: DI Fine Grade Clay
Polish (everything except roof): M205 on Crimson (some spots with black first) via PC7424XP
Polish (roof): M105 on Surbuf, M205 on black, M205 on Crimson via PC7424XP 
Protection: 22ple VX1 Pro Glass Coating (30mL - only used about 70%)
**After waiting 8 hours, I applied a second coat to the hood, roof, and trunk.
*Note: Wheels & Tires were not cleaned at this time*

Duration: 8 hours


I had to look pretty hard to find any swirls, but I found a few spots that needed to be corrected.
The paint was overdue for a new layer of protection.


Hood before correction
Hood after correction
The roof was in bad shape - there were heavy etched watermarks that I was unable to correct previously.  (Roof before correction)
Roof test spot after correction.  What a difference!
Roof 50/50 shot:  Left side (uncorrected) vs. Right side (corrected).  
Exhaust before and After Polishing


The car looked amazing once completed.  It was extremely glossy and deep.  After the 22ple coating had cured for 8 hours, I sprayed some water on the hood and it beaded up incredibly!  I'm very hopeful this protection will last and keep the car in perfect shape for the next couple of years! Enjoy the AFTER pictures!
Like a mirror!

1 Week After Application

The 22ple is completely cured after 5 days.  These pictures were taken 6 days after the initial application.  The car has not been washed or wiped down since then.  The gloss appears to have intensified, as stated by the manufacturer.  The paint is mirror like.  The car was rained on overnight, and the beading is amazing.  Very tight, and the water rolls right off of the car.  Very impressed so far!

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